Webpack for WordPress

With the rise of React in WordPress, there are more and more developers turning to webpack for managing and bundling front end assets. In this post, I’ll cover webpack at a high level (what it is, and why we might reach for it), and show you how you can unleash the power of webpack in […]

Finding Joy in 2018

Last year, I talked about my preference for intentions over resolutions or goals. I don’t like being specifically bound to any one thing. I like exploring ideas and following my heart, and I like joy in my day-to-day. So, after some thought, I decided what better guiding principle for 2018 than joy. Do the things […]

RegEx revisited

In the past week or so, I delved deeply into the terrifying world of regular expressions (regex). It turns out that regex isn’t that scary, and if you play with it enough, it is actually kinda…fun? My first foray into regex was when I was working through How to Learn JavaScript Properly. It was a great […]

Getting started with task-running & Gulp

Front-end development typically consists of many stages, including scaffolding (setting up the project environment), development of the website or application, testing, optimization, and deployment. Setting up project environments and the rest of the project workflow from scratch project after project can become cumbersome. Task runners were introduced to solve this problem. Task runners help developers […]