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  • Going Gatsby

    4 minute read
    After six years with WordPress, I switched to Gatsby–a static site generator.
  • Webpack for WordPress

    25 minute read
    With the rise of React in WordPress, there are more and more developers turning to webpack for managing and bundling front end assets.
  • Building a theme vs. a decoupled front end

    4 minute read
    Today is the day we start talking about dev shit™, and start getting into the nitty gritty of building Aurora Theme. In the project plan, I…
  • Setting up project environments

    6 minute read
    I’m gonna be straight with ya. The main reason I wanted to write this post was because I successfully utilized Let’s Encrypt to add an SSL…
  • Building a React-powered starter theme

    5 minute read
    As I near the final stretch in my Bov Academy studies, it’s time for me to choose a final project. For my final project, I have decided to…
  • RegEx Revisited

    13 minute read
    In the past week or so, I delved deeply into the terrifying world of regular expressions (regex). It turns out that regex isn’t that scary…
  • Getting started with task running & Gulp

    6 minute read
    Front-end development typically consists of many stages, including scaffolding (setting up the project environment), development of the…