Front-End Development

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are my jam, and if you need help pulling together the visual side of your website, I would be happy to help!

Design Systems

Keeping a consistent look and feel across your site is important, and working from a design system helps drive this consistency.


Keeping website maintainability simple is important. I specialize in creating custom themes and simple plugins for WordPress.
Photo by Stewart Savage, Abaton Consulting

Featured Talks

Demystifying WordPress Theme Development

Everyone is talking about atomic design these days, but how can we implement this into our workflows? In this session, you will learn the basics of atomic design, and how Photoshop / Sketch mockups can be broken down into the atomic parts. Once we’ve fleshed out how the design breaks down into its atomic parts,…

Using Component Libraries for Rapid Theme Development

This presentation will: Define what a Component Library is How to use a Component Library Essential ingredients for creating your own Component Library How atomic design and component libraries work together How to consolidate your components used in a project into a pattern library