Creating Themes with Atomic Design

I gave my first WordCamp talk in Sacramento last October, and it has recently been posted to WordCamp TV. In the talk I covered:

  • the basics of atomic design,
  • an ideal vs. realistic atomic design workflow,
  • strategies for building themes with atomic design.

Presentation Slides

An example of theming using Atomic design

I have had more time to experiment and create themes with atomic design since my WordCamp talk. I am actively working on adding a pattern library to Alcatraz, which will allow front-end developers to quickly style-up atoms according to a client’s style guide. There are a host of ready-made molecules that developers can modify, or give a coat of polish to bring them up to standard with a client project. I’m working on a big overhaul of Alcatraz’s navigation, and I am planning on including some organisms soon after.

View a live example of the Alcatraz pattern library (it’s very much a work-in-progress, so yes, it’s kinda ugly, 😬).

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